RT5 3G Wifi Network PTT Mobile Car Radio


RT5 3G Wifi Network PTT Mobile Car Radio

New Features:

  1. RT5 Appearance Facelift
  2. Professional looking Hand Mic
  3. Louder Speakers
  4. Automatic Booting after DC Power is turned on


The Radio-Tone RT5 is an advanced mobile network POC Radio. It’s great for our RT-PTT Fleet Management Console, Zello, TeamSpeak 3 / IRN and Echolink via 3G or WiFi.


This radio-like smartphone has a PTT that will key up the transmitter. As far as you have a data plan or a WiFi connection, then you have yourself a two way walkie talkie app with worldwide range.



Intelligent GSM intercom + stereo speakers
GPS + Compass precise navigation and positioning
Military quality
■ Music
■ Video
■ Browser
■ Google search and Maps
■ Navigation

Frequency 1.2GHz
Network WCDMA(2100MHz) / GSM(900/1800 MHZ )
Platform MTK 6572A
Operating System Android 6.0
RAM 512M+4G(Optional: 1G+8G)
Extended Memory Up to 32Gb
Screen TP display IPS2.45”  240*32
GPS+Compass 12-24V
Input Power 12-24V
Camera Optional; external camera 200W
Speaker + Mic 45Diameter speaker,7W
USB MICRO 5PIN date cable
Media player Supporting MP3/MP4
(stabdard battery,without antenna)
(Standard battery and antenna)



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